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When I was young I had perfect, white teeth! Now, years later, I have finally got my smile back!

Whiter teeth
Restore your smile with whiter teeth
Blue light technology
Helps to gradually whiten teeth, achieving a whiter shade in a short time.
Healthier gums
Removes more plaque and dirt than traditional toothbrushes

About U-Blanc Max

Until now, most laser devices were only available to dental clinics that charged large amounts of money - now everything has changed with U-Blanc Max!
  • The perfect choice for the whole family! This model is able to remove more plaque and more dirt than traditional brushes for healthier gums.
  • He highlights the durability of its battery. A single charge lasts several days, making U-Blanc Max perfect for travel without having to worry about charging it.
  • Includes 3 extra brush heads, 4 brushing modes and a timer to help you brush for at least two minutes (the minimum brushing time recommended by dentists and hygienists).
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Main advantages:

Recover your smile
Restore the whiteness of your teeth
Better results
Healthier gums by removing up to 100% more plaque than a normal manual toothbrush. The first 3-in-1 brush with UV light (antibacterial, whitening and cleansing).
IPX7 waterproof
The waterproof design means it can even be used in the shower or bath and is easy to clean.
Professional cleaning
Whitens teeth, reduces cavities and gives your mouth a deeper clean.
4 brushing modes
The different brushing modes adapt perfectly to the condition of your teeth and gums.
Perfect gift
The perfect gift choice for family, partners and friends. Available in various colours


What is the blue light on this toothbrush for?
The blue light is designed to gradually whiten teeth, achieving a whiter shade in a short time.
How many brush heads are included in the box?
A total of 4 brush heads are included in the package.
How do you charge the toothbrush?
Via USB. A charging cable is included in the package.
Is it recommended for sensitive teeth or gums?
Yes, thanks to its 4 different cleaning modes, U-Blanc Max adapts perfectly to every need.
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